V2 Strategies Process

We make it easy to get the right information to the right customers at just the right time. Our digital automation plans create a simple way to sell more to your adoring fans.

And if you don’t have adoring fans (yet), we’ll help you find them. And keep them.

How Does It Work?

We start with understanding where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then, we find the right combination of tools and tactics to connect you with people who would love to buy your product or service.


You’ll find no cookie-cutter marketing plans here. We gather insights from your target audiences and discover if or how your product can solve their problems. Then, we use that intel to deliver revenue-exploding solutions.


To borrow a fairy tale analogy, our automation ensures your customers are purchasing your product because it’s perfect for them. The porridge isn’t too hot. The chair isn’t too big. The product is “just right.” (Feels great, doesn’t it?)


Now that we know what your perfect customer looks like, it’s time to find more of them. Not only that, your new customers can now become repeat customers. Poof! You’ve just created a repeatable system.

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